TherMOMirror Inventor
Michelle Atia RN, Inventor of the TherMOMirror

As a Nurse & Mom, I Know…

Infant’s bodies heat 3-5x faster than ours do. As a Neonatal ICU nurse, I have the responsibility and privilege of caring for the smallest of infants on a regular basis. And it’s my job to equip their parents on how to keep their little ones safe at home.

I regularly tell my patient’s parents that because infant’s are unable to communicate with words, they communicate their needs through other means. When I became a mother, this bit of knowledge became personal to me. I wondered constantly if my child was safe and comfortable while traveling in their car seat.

I designed TherMOMirror as a way of equipping parents with a tool to measure the temperature around the car seat, ensuring the safety and comfort of their little ones while traveling. 

It is my hope that TherMOMirror will be a benefit to families, as well as provide peace of mind to parents like myself. 

—Michelle Atia RN, BSN & Mother of two

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