Introducing TherMOMirror

The ONLY Baby Carseat Mirror
With A Temperature Display

So You Always Know

*Actual temperature display is mirrored to show properly in the rearview mirror.

Your Baby’s Temperature Changes

3-5x Faster

Than Yours

Keep your baby safe and comfortable by knowing if the temperature is too hot or too cold. TherMOMirror puts the temperature front and center so you always know.


Reversed for Rearview

Temperature display reversed for proper viewing in rearview mirror

Always-on & Accurate

Large always-on display shows accurate temperature with long battery life

Motion Backlight

Special motion-sensing backlight only actives in the dark

F° & C° Button

Alternate between Fahrenheit and Celsius with the press of a button

4 Color Options

Choose between gray, beige, pink, and black

Wide Angle Shatterproof Mirror

See your child with ease with the wide convex mirror

360° Degree Pivot

Fully adjustable rotating pivot ball design

Easy Installation Straps

Vertical and horizontal straps for easy installation and adjustment

Michelle Atia RN, Inventor of the TherMOMirror

As a Nurse & Mom, I Know…

Infant’s bodies heat 3-5x faster than ours do. As a Neonatal ICU nurse, I have the responsibility and privilege of caring for the smallest of infants on a regular basis. And it’s my job to equip their parents on how to keep their little ones safe at home.

I regularly tell my patient’s parents that because infant’s are unable to communicate with words, they communicate their needs through other means. When I became a mother, this bit of knowledge became personal to me. I wondered constantly if my child was safe and comfortable while traveling in their car seat.

I designed TherMOMirror as a way of equipping parents with a tool to measure the temperature around the car seat, ensuring the safety and comfort of their little ones while traveling. 

It is my hope that TherMOMirror will be a benefit to families, as well as provide peace of mind to parents like myself. 

—Michelle Atia RN, BSN & Mother of two

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